Volkswagen Car Finance

Volkswagen have been responsible for the production of some of the most iconic models of car in the past few decades; models like the Beetle, the Passat and the Golf. Modern, updated trims are available on all models, and there are new additions to the Volkswagen range such as the Touareg. With cheap car finance from Like Car Finance, you can choose the exact made and model that you want, and even choose the showroom that is most convenient for you.

The Volkswagen Beetle is a popular choice of car for using a Like Car Finance car finance loan. It has been in production, in various forms, since 1938. It is the most widely manufactured single car make in the world, and in 1997 one of the latest lines was produced. 2011 saw yet another redesign and the current body is very modern looking, shorter, and sportier. However, the Beetle still retains its charm as well as the Beetle marque.

The Golf is another champion of the Volkswagen name, with the GTi proving an especially popular model with the young driver. The GTi is known for its top performance levels, and the hatchback is small enough that it can be comfortably driven around towns and cities. Its performance and engine trims mean that it can also be driven comfortably over long distances and for longer periods.

The Passat has actually been in production for a year longer than the Golf, although it is only in its sixth generation compared to the seventh generation Golf. It is an ideal family saloon, or business saloon, and if you are looking to invest your VW car loan on something comfortable, luxurious, and ideally suited to long journeys, then the Volkswagen Passat is a very good choice.

Like Car Finance offers access to high quality car finance loans. Whether you have immaculate credit or not, are self-employed or even on benefits, as long as you can afford to meet repayments, we may be able to help you afford your next car. Our car finance agreements provide you with an agreed amount of credit, and you can spend this buying the make and model that you want from the showroom that is most convenient for you.