Peugeot Car Finance

French car manufacturers Peugeot have a large range of new and used models, and they are seemingly everywhere. High quality manufacturing, French class, and the introduction of a number of hybrid and even electric models have helped ensure that the manufacturer, which started out as a coffee mill and bicycle manufacturer in 1810, have helped to ensure that the range remains current, modern, and relevant. Whatever type of car you’re looking to spend your Like Car Finance cheap car loan on, there is likely to be a Peugeot model to suit you.

The Peugeot 107 is a city car that was developed as part of a joint project with Toyota and Citroen. The three manufacturers each sell their own slightly different variant of the car, and the 107 is a small 4 seater car that comes in either a three door or five door model. It is cheap to buy and cheap to run, with a very good fuel efficiency rating. Need something that’s easy to park? The 107 will fit in the smallest of spaces.

For business users, and those that want a comfortable long distance runner, you can invest your Like Car Finance car loan funds in a Peugeot 508. Heated front seats, Peugeot Connect Navigation, and Stop & Start engines are some of the options that are available in this highly sought after model.

The 508 Hybrid4 incorporates a number of modern and highly advanced environmentally friendly features. As well as a diesel engine that produces 200bhp, there is a zero emissions electric motor, an electronically-controlled sequential gearbox, and a Stop & Start engine. This combines to give the 508 exceptional green credentials, but it isn’t just suitable because of its green credentials, it is a comfortable, enjoyable and convenient car for everyday use too.

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