London Car Finance

London Car FinanceLondon is the capital of the UK and a leading global city. It is a cultural capital, and it has strong links to the arts, finance, commerce, education, and entertainment. The city has a population of more than 8 million people and the Greater London Urban Area is the second largest urban area in the UK with nearly 10 million people. London accounts for approximately 12.5% of the total population of the UK.

The majority of journeys in central London tend to utilise public transport services, like buses and the extensive underground network. Car journeys are typically hampered by heavy traffic, and the congestion charges that are present in some of the major parts of the city itself. However, car travel is common in the suburbs, and there are still many people that need to travel into or out of London by car on a regular basis.

There are also plans to introduce a new ultra-low emissions zone in the capital, and this will make it impossible for many older petrol and diesel cars to journey through the city centre. Vehicles wishing to travel within the zone, which is planned to overlap the congestion zone and may be extended to include larger areas of the city, will need to meet stringent emissions levels and other criteria. Cars that are more than a few years old will not be able to drive in the area.

The potential introduction of the ULEZ may mean that it is time to upgrade your existing car. With Like Car Finance, you can apply for a car loan. If your application is successful, you will be given details of your personal credit limit and will then be able to use this credit to buy the make and model of car that you want. You will be able to ensure that your new car meets the criteria to be able to drive through the ULEZ.

London is a major city, and one of the busiest and most populous in the world. City cars are best suited to travel within the main city, while larger cars may prove more suitable for travel in the suburbs. Apply for car finance with Like Car Finance today, and you could be driving your new car home within a few days.