Honda Car Finance

Honda is one of a number of manufacturers that have put a lot of time and resources into producing cars with lower emissions and improved fuel economy. Their cars, which include the popular Jazz, Civic, and Accord models, are good looking and stylish while being affordable to run. With a Like Car Finance car loan, you can buy any of the models that Honda has to offer and spread affordable repayments over a period that best suits you.

The Honda Jazz pulls off the seemingly impossible – it is small on the outside, but spacious on the inside. This makes it easy to drive and to park, but ensures comfort and a little bit of luxury on the inside. Different models are available, and this includes the Jazz Hybrid, which is one of the more affordable hybrid technology cars on the road. You can use a Like Car Finance car loan to buy virtually any model of car, including hybrids like the Honda Jazz Hybrid.

The Honda Civic is a sporty, small car. It has a luxurious and spacious interior but has been designed for the best possible performance from its engine. Every inch of the car has been sculpted and optimised for aerodynamic performance, while the engines on offer are fast and efficient. For those that want this level of sleek performance, but require more room, there is the Civic Tourer model also available.

The Accord is the bigger car in the Honda range of cars. The car is engineered to provide an enjoyable driving experience, as well as comfort and luxury. Sound deadening materials mean that the driver and passengers will barely know they are sat atop a combustion engine. Heated, memory seats are just one of the touches that further improve your comfort in the car.

If you are considering buying a new or used Honda Civic, Accord, or Jazz, then Like Car Finance can help. Complete our application form or call an advisor and we will provide you with an agreed credit limit for an affordable car loan. Once you have your credit limit, it is simply a case of choosing your car and agreeing a deal with the showroom.