Ford Car Finance

Ford is unquestionably one of the best known car brands in the world, and they have a huge selection of models that have helped cement their place as one of the biggest manufacturers. In 2012, more than 5 million Fords were manufactured, and the current range includes the Ka, Mondeo, and Focus. With Like Car Finance, you could afford to buy your ideal car.

The Ford Ka is the ideal town car. It is compact and lightweight, so is easy to park and nippy when it needs to be. A brand new model costs just over £8,000, although improved trims and additional extras will inflate the price slightly. If you want a convenient car that still offers room inside, then the Ka is a good choice, and with a Like Car Finance loan you can buy this or any other model of Ford.

The Focus offers an excellent drive and is overflowing with technology and beneficial features. The Sports Technology, or ST, model includes extra performance features and a sportier design. The Focus costs more than the Ka, but is still an affordable vehicle, and the range of models means that it is owned by many different types and styles of driver. The Focus is also a popular and inexpensive second hand car.

The Mondeo is bigger than both the Focus and the Ka, and is a popular choice of car for the travelling businessman. It is comfortable to drive and spacious too, while also offering an enjoyable drive. Modern technology is packed in throughout the car, and Ford have announced that they plan to overhaul this, and both the Kuga and Fiesta brands in the coming years. The release of a new model tends to mean that the older model is more widely available as pre-owned, and for less money.

With Like Car Finance, you can apply for car finance and be given a credit limit on acceptance. This means that you can find out how much you have to spend before deciding on the make, model, year, and trim of car that you want. You can buy a Ford, or any other make of car, with a loan from Like Car Finance.