BMW Car Finance

Millions of people buy a new BMW every single year, and the long life of the reliable cars from the German manufacturer means that they are also extremely popular in the second hand market. Every driver should own and enjoy the drive of a BMW at some point in their driving life. If you are looking for a new 3 series, a compact 1 series, or an environmentally friendly ActiveHybrid, Like Car Finance can provide you with the loan you need in order to buy your next BMW.

The 1 series is a designed to be compact and practical. A choice of three door, five door, and compact crossover await anybody considering purchasing from the relatively new 1 series. The five door option is not only sleek, sporty, and compact, but it is also practical and useful. It has genuine room in the back for passengers, which is not always the case in a compact hatchback.

The 3 series is an iconic range of cars that continues to impress with every new release and every new model that comes off the production line. The recent redesign has given the car a touch of elegance and good looks, while the reliability of BMW manufacturing remains. If you’re looking to buy a used BMW, then you should consider adding the 3 series to your wish list.

If you’re looking for performance and speed then the M series is for you. The M marque signifies sports and performance, and while these models do cost a little more than their standard equivalents, the extra investment is immediately evident. Convertibles, coupes, saloons, and Gran Coupe variants are some of the options available.

If you’re looking to buy a new BMW, or are considering investing in a used BMW, then call Like Car Finance today to arrange finance for your next car. The process is simple, the decision made quickly, and you will be provided with an agreed credit limit so that you can walk into your local BMW dealer and negotiate on the best deal without having to worry about using BMW finance. Call today, or apply online, and you could be behind the wheel of a brand new BMW in a few days’ time.