Birmingham Car Finance

Birmingham Car FinanceBirmingham is the most populous British city outside London with more than 1 million residents. It is considered an important cultural, economic, and transport city and the West Midlands Built Up Area has a population of nearly 2.5 million people. Prior to the Industrial Revolution, Birmingham was a mid-sized market town but grew considerably in prominence thanks to its science, technology, and industrial efforts during the 18th Century. It has six universities making it the largest centre of higher education outside the city of London.

Birmingham has a central location, and this has seen it become one of the biggest transport hubs for canal, rail, and road transport. Its concentration of business, retail, commercial, and industrial sites as well as its location en route to many other areas of the country mean that its transport networks are usually very busy. Birmingham Airport is the seventh busiest in the country, and the third busiest outside the capital.

The city of Birmingham is served my four major motorways, and its road network is perhaps best known for the existence of Spaghetti Junction. This junction serves 18 routes and covers a massive 30 acres of land. While most drivers try to avoid the junction, it remains extremely busy because there are various routes that must incorporate it. Construction started in 1968 and the junction was operational in May 1972.

Car remains the most popular form of transport in Birmingham, and those that live in the area frequently drive for the purposes of commuting as well as for pleasure. With Like Car Finance, you can borrow the money that you need in order out upgrade from your existing car and purchase a new vehicle. Whether you want a city car for driving in the main centre, or a tourer for getting across the country, cheap car finance from Like Car Finance can provide you with the necessary funds.

The car finance application process with Like Car Finance is quick and simple. Simply enter a few details on our online form, provide the required documentation, and we will contact you with a decision often within a few hours. You could be shopping for a new car tomorrow if you apply today.